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I Need A J-O-B! The Ex-Offender's Job Search Manual
Christian Living and Helps
Wallflowers in the Kingdom: A Christian Introverts Guide
Wallflowers in the Kingdom
Christian Living/Helps
Gloria's Road: A Schizophrenic Woman's Perilous Path to Christ
Gloria's Road: A Schizophrenic Woman's Perilous Path to Christ
Grace and Mercy
Grace and Mercy
Carrying on the Mission of Jesus
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Raped CoverSince the days of clay tablets and papyrus, readers have relied on books to introduce them to new, unfamiliar worlds.  But never like this ....

Her parents argue and fight almost every day. Not only is their marriage falling apart, but teenager Posy feels her life is falling apart with it. Amidst anger and tears, she retreats to the old library down the street, where she often finds peace and solitude among the old books. Posy selects one mysterious book in an undiscovered corner of the library and finds herself drawn into another world.



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The Colors will Change: Christian Suspense Fiction
The Colors Will Change
Christian Fiction


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Adverse PossessionA husband and wife missionary team return home from building homes overseas, only to find that they no longer have a home. Squatters have taken possession of their Virgina house Getting it back proves more difficult than they imagined, forcing them to re-evaluate their priorities, their relationship, and their faith.
New Release - Adverse Possession: A Suspense Novel
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Featured Item: The Word Changers: Young Adult Fantasy Adventure
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Prodigal in the City: Christian Suspense Fiction
Prodigal in the City
Christian Fiction
The Word Changers: Teen Christian Fantasy
The Word Changers
Christian Fantasy
Adverse Possession: Christian Suspense Fiction
Adverse Possession
Christian Fiction
Carrying on the Mission
Carrying on the Mission of Jesus
I've Been Raped by a Church: A Recovery Guide for those wounded by spiritual abuse
I've Been Raped by a Church
Christian Living and Ministry
Equipping Your Church to Minister to Ex-Offenders
Equipping Your Church to Minister to Ex-Offenders
Ministry Resource
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Help! My Loved One is in Prison
Ministry Resource
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The Beauty of Summer
The Beauty of Summer
Christian Romance/Fiction